All-rounder – XZENT Infotainmer X-F270 for FIAT Ducato

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Mar-Pol WAGENHEBER 3,5T Hubhöhe 135-500 mm RANGIERWAGENHEBER m80238
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Smart multimedia retrofit for FIAT Ducato: The X-F270 offers the latest infotainment functions and can be upgraded to a motorhome naviceiver.

For the start of the new motorhome season XZENT has put a new infotainer on the market: the X-F270, tailor-made for the FIAT Ducato III, Citroen Jumper II and Peugeot Boxer II. Integration of the X-F270 in the dashboard is perfect, both technically and visually, while offering the latest entertainment functions. The large capacitive 8″/20.3 cm touchscreen enables simple, intuitive and completely safe operation of the device – even while driving.

The X-F270 is equipped with a DAB+ twin tuner providing top quality digital radio reception. Ease of use and a wide range of functions make this high quality DAB+ receiver convincing. Onboard features include DAB-DAB Service Following, DLS Text, MOT Slideshow as well as background scan, which always keeps the dynamic station list up-to-date. The FM tuner ensures clear reception in regions not yet covered by the DAB network.
The X-F270 is equipped with two USB 2.0 ports that can be used for the connection of Apple iOS and Android smartphones or external USB media. The playback of all popular actual audio and video file formats is supported.

If modern smartphone integration is important to you then you will get your money’s worth with the X-F270. Using the integrated Android Link function the apps of Android smartphones are mirrored on the infotainer display from where they can be comfortably controlled via the touchscreen. Via WebLink 2.0 four further Android smartphone apps are available on the infotainer: YouTube, ShoutCast and an audio and video player for smartphone content playback.

The speech quality makes the modern, easy to use Bluetooth 4.2 module of the X-F270 convincing thanks to echo cancelling and noise reduction. The import of up to 1,000 phonebook contacts with 3 call numbers each, and a search function are also included in the comfort functions as is A2DP music streaming from smartphones.

The X-F270 has two camera inputs (CVBS) with a switched power supply, and automatic maneuvering / changeover function activated by engaging reverse gear. You can also start the camera function using the CAM direct selection button on the front panel – particularly useful for the motorhome.

For the X-F270 there is a navigation package X-MAP27-MH1 available as an option that upgrades the infotainer to a naviceiver for motorhomes. The navigation package comprises maps of 47 countries, a comprehensive „CampingSchaf“ POI database with information on more than 20,000 European camping and motorhome stopover sites, plus a Premium POI database with more than 6.5 million entries. DAB-TPEG is integrated to provide actual and accurate traffic events by use of free TPEG data. The NextGen navigation engine enables the input of vehicle-specific profile data for the calculation of routes suitable for motorhomes.

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